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introduce me to your friends
so i can treat them with respect
and they’ll fall for my witty self-deprecating, cocky charm
and we’ll have mediocre sex
and they’ll be okay
with never talking to me again

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my brain is poisoned
my body’s a wreck
my hands are shaking
and all i want is yours
on the back of my neck

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That thing again
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S E L I N A   K Y L E 
The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)Art by Bruce Timm & Rick TaylorWords by Paul Dini


S E L I N A   K Y L E 

The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini

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she said it

she said it

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Paolo Serpieri.


Paolo Serpieri.

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MARVEL TEAM-UP Vol. 1, No. 104, April 1981
Starring The Hulk and Ka-Zar “Modok Must Triumph”
Script Roger McKenzie, Pencils Jerry Bingham
Inks Mike Esposito, Letters Diana Albers
Colors Christie Scheele, Editor Denny O’Neil

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